Портативный анализатор качества электроэнергии

  • Имеет фазу А или вспомогательную, что позволяет использовать его где угодно.
  • Защита от атмосферных явлений по стандарту NEMA 4 для использования в любых условиях
  • Автоматически идентифицируется ток, к которому подключен прибор, и диапазон, в котором он находится
  • Проверка конфигурации, которая подчеркивает, что устройство было подключено неправильно
  • Бортовой анализ данных, который может сравнивать результаты с сохраненными или нормативными показателями. Создайте собственные шаблоны для внутренних отчетов в вашей компании.

Портативный анализатор качества электроэнергии MPQ2000 обладает функциями, которые делают его идеальным для тестирования качества электроэнергии в любой среде за счет прочности, атмосферостойкости и возможности выключения фазы А или вспомогательной мощности

Но аппаратное обеспечение - это не все что нужно, за прочным внешним корпусом скрывается "мозг", который ориентирован на интеллектуальное тестирование с помощью передового программного обеспечения, позволяющего минимизировать ошибки во время тестирования, быстро и легко анализировать полученные результаты.

Megger PQ Firmware for MPQ Series PQ Analysers

The new MPQ firmware version 1.408 along with the new PC software version will allow the MPQ to capture event waveforms up to 3600 cycles in duration and incorporates all the improvements and bug fixes of the previous update.

MPQ firmware version 1.407 firmware and application code supports both the MPQ1000 and MPQ2000. It incorporates the following bug fixes and software enhancements.

Bug Fixes

  • The MPQ now auto detects the 20A and 10CT ranges.
  • The scope mode now recognizes the CT range.
  • The 4 wire 2.5 wattmeter calculation has been corrected.
  • Auto Analysis now functioning with larger files.



New On Board Setup: Update the setups on the front panel of the MPQ. From the DMM screen scroll to SETUP and press the ENTER key to access the new setup screens.        

New AUTO mode: The MPQ will now measures the voltage & frequency and automatically set the appropriate limits. Simply connect the MPQ, select the setup configuration & start recording. The MPQ does everything else.          

Unlimited Recording Time: The MPQ Analyzer will record data files up to 100M. When the data file reaches 100M it will automatically start a new data file. It will record until the 32G card is full. This means the unit can record for literally year’s non-stop. Record inrush on motors for days or weeks.

Remote monitoring time sync: The MPQ Analyzer can automatically time sync to your network periodically. No need to pay extra for GPS then to just worry about losing the signal. Keep all the units on the network perfectly synced.

CT Prompt added to preferences screen. If CT prompt is enabled then the analyzer will display a warning message if the CT range does not match the range programmed in the setup file. If the CT prompt is disabled then the analyzer will automatically use the auto identified CT range and dislay no message. 

When connected to a 3 phase wye the unit will now display both the phase to neutral values as well as the phase to phase values.

Calculated 3rd Phase: When the MPQ is connected to a delta it will automatically calculate the 3rd phase values. The MPQ will also allow the user to view the Delta as a wye. This means you can view both the phase relationships within the delta and the phase relationships to the load.


Download and Install instructions

  • Please download the Executable file “MPQUpdateMaker_BF_MPQ_3600_Cycle_1_408.exe” to a workstation where the installer can transfer the files and folder structure to a preferably blank USB Thumb Drive with at least 8 MB of available space and that does not have a MEGGER folder at its root.
  • With the Thumb Drive installed into the workstation, execute the downloaded file which will locate all installed removable media and display it.
  • Choose the thumb drive to be used for updating the MPQ equipment and then proceed with the installation.
  • After the installation completes, please eject the thumb drive which is now ready to use with the MPQ1000 or MPQ2000 instruments to be updated.
Instrument firmware and application update thumb drive installation software
2,3 MB | 03.11.23
Megger PQ PC Software for MPQ Series PQ Analyzers

The new Metrosoft MPQ PC Software V3.1.2.2 corrects the following bugs and incorporates the following enhancements.

Corrected data analysis report to indicate fails only on narrow band limit violations.

Corrects Spanish Translation Error

Adds low voltage limit to Flicker. If a voltage interruption occurs the recorded high flicker value due to the interruption can now be ignored.

Download and Install instructions
Download the file MPQ_PC_Muti-Language_3_1_2_2.exe to the computer it should be loaded on and execute the file.

Link User guide - Megger power quality software
4,2 MB | 03.11.23
PC MPQ Software installer
27,0 MB | 08.01.24