All-in-one true RMS electrical tester

  • LED and LCD display with self-test
  • Detachable test probes„
  • AC/DC voltage to 1000 V
  • 200 A AC measurement„
  • True RMS on ACV/ACA„
  • Measures voltage without batteries

The Megger MET1000 is a multifunctional voltage and current tester providing electricians and electrical engineers a versatile and robust hand - held all-in-one meter, with detachable test leads. Featuring both LED and LCD displays, it gives the user a 200 A AC and 1000 V AC/DC tester designed for everyday use. CATIV 600 V/CATIII 1000 V rated, with an IP65 housing for added protection, it reduces the number of testers required in the professional’s tool bag.