Handheld transformer turns ratiometer

  • Highly accurate in a wide temperature range, ensuring adaptability to diverse working conditions
  • Configurable vector lists for testing efficiency
  • Powered by a rechargeable battery for maximum portability and flexibility
  • Go/No Go open-circuit, short-circuit, and inductance tests for a prompt diagnosis
  • Short-circuit impedance measurements conveniently bundled with a ratiometer

The TTRU1 is the latest handheld transformer turns ratiometer from Megger. In addition to routine polarity validation and turns ratio tests, the TTRU1 can measure short-circuit impedance (leakage reactance) with the same one-time connection.

Guided by colour-coded leads, clamps, and customisable on-screen vectors that match the transformer nameplate under test, the easy-to-follow setup ensures the right result the first time.

Perform over 1000 turns ratio tests on a single NiMH AA battery charge. When it’s time to recharge the batteries, connect to any standard USB wall charger, or connect to your PC. When connected to the PC, TTRU1-EXP results can be downloaded, and the user guide and data sheet can also be accessed.


TTRU1 Embedded Software
135,7 MB | 08.03.24
TTRU1 PC Software
52,6 MB | 05.03.24