FREJA and SMRT Digital Twin

High fidelity simulator

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  • Test before you install to reduce stress during time constraints
  • Enables virtual relay testing
  • Created test plans that can be reused for real-world testing
  • Useful training tool, enhancing clarity and reducing human error 
  • All safety-related risks are negated using a digital twin relay test set

The FREJA and SMRT Digital Twin is the first of it’s type to be created and is a functional digital twin of Megger's relay test systems, FREJA and SMRT. This pioneering technology enables you to virtually test Siemens SIPROTEC 5 devices through Siemens’ cloud-based SIPROTEC DigitalTwin. The relay tests are performed online, before the physical devices are accessible, and with tested and approved protection settings, only a subset of the tests need to be repeated on the physical devices to ensure correct input and output hardware and connections.