E-Z Test™ 99800 Series

Meter Test Jacks

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  • Standard of the industry
  • Unique, simplified connection system
  • Tough, glass impregnated polycarbonate

The 99800 Series E-Z Test Meter Test Jacks are designed to increase safety and to simplify testing of socket-type watthour meters. They feature dead-front construction and a unique, simplified connection system. Four types are available for safe, convenient and efficient field testing of virtually all commonly used socket-type meters.

Molded from a tough, glass impregnated polycarbonate, E-Z Test Meter Test Jacks will withstand the rigors of dailv field use. Time proven, lever-actuate cams are used to firmly connect the meter blades to the test jack. A husky bypass bus is incorporated to handle customer loads, even at extended range meter installations that use the new 320-ampere, selfcontained meters.