Power quality analyzer software

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  • Generates Graphs of Demand and Voltage/Current Data
  • Zooms-in on Specific Areas of Interest
  • Produces Detailed Reports
  • Performs Harmonic Analysis
  • Extremely Easy to Use
  • Same look and feel for ease of use from one instrument to another

Harmonic analysis

Metrosoft can provide the following:

  • Charts of actual waveforms analyzed
  • Bar chart of harmonic magnitude for the selected waveform cycle
  • Harmonic Analysis Report for the selected waveform cycle

Quick recorder setup

With Metrosoft™, the power analyzers can be set up for different test conditions in a matter of seconds. By simply filling in a form, you choose which phases to record, the corresponding out-of-limit values, which statistics to save (minimum, RMS, and/or maximum), etc. For added convenience, the software automatically computes the maximum recording time for you based on the selections you've made. Once the power analyzer is set up for a test, it wiII retain this information until you change it. Also the setup files may be saved on a disk for re-use.

Complete reports

Metrosoft™ provides complete reports of the recorded data, which can be viewed, printed or exported to popular spreadsheet programs.

  • Summary & setup report lists instrument setup information and summary of all recorded data
  • Tabular report: Power includes all power data recorded for each input
  • Tabular report: Voltage & current includes all voltage and current data recorded for each input
  • Total harmonic distortion (thd) summary report includes the THD for each input as a percent of the fundamental for the first cycle of each event
  • Out of limits report includes information on all out-of-limits events plus the status of all other inputs during each event

Detailed charts

Metrosoft™ allows you to view multiple phases/parameters on a single chart, so problems are identified quickly. An exceptional graphing feature is the ability to zoom-in and enlarge specifc time periods for a closer look at unusual events. A scan line feature lets you move a line across the chart as the software displays the values for the date and time on the chart. This gives you exact numbers and eliminates the need to approximate. In addition, you can view the vector relationships for any demand interval. All charts can be printed on any printer supported by Windows.