Megger Low Level Filter

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  • Simulate a low-level voltage source from a Rogowski Coil
  • MLLF provides filtering of the low-level outputs
  • Can be used with any SMRT or FREJA 500 series unit*
  • Three Rogowski Output Voltage ranges available, 2, 10 & 40V
  • Millivolt output in low voltage range, with high resolution and accuracy


The Megger MLLF accessory allows current channels* to provide high accuracy low level voltage outputs to simulate Rogowski sensors used by some relays.  The MLLF also allows voltage channels* to provide high accuracy low level voltage channels to simulate voltage dividers that are typically used for voltage measurement in conjunction with Rogowski sensors.  The MLLF allows the test set to use existing RTMS software tools to test relays using Rogowski inputs.

The connections from Rogowski sensors and voltage dividers are typically connected via shielded cables directly from the sensor to the protective relay.  Therefore, there are no terminal block connections. Megger offers Relay Manufacture specific cables with proper wiring and terminations to directly connect from the MLLF to the protective relay.

When using the MLLF, relay testing screens in RTMS* such as Ramping, Timing, Sequencer, and others are functional to make testing of relays with these types of inputs very user-friendly. 


* The MLLF works in conjunction with SMRT/FREJA hardware revision 3.51 or higher, minimum firmware of 6.150 and RTMS Software driver version of D100.53 at a minimum.